I´ve been singing barbershop since 1999, and have tried all voiceparts with decent success. Since 2006 I am the President of the organization SNOBS (www.snobs.org) and am the VP of the International barbershop umbrella organization World Harmony Council (www.worldbarbershop.org). I won the first world mixed championships as baritone of Tarzan & Jane mixed quartet in 2012. I have one European gold medal singing bass with zero 8, a pile of SNOBS championships with zero 8 and silvers and bronzes between 2005-2014 with the quartet Q-tones, as both tenor and baritone, plus a European bronze medal. And of course my 4th and 5th place International chorus bronze medals with zero8. Right now I´m singing lead with Voices of Gotham as a distance member and bass with the local chapter HelsingVoice. Quartet singing and zero8 singing has to stand back for a few months right now. I´m located in Helsingborg, Sweden. My wife Anna is the director of the Pearls of the Sound, SAI International 23rd chorus in 2014. She is also the first SAI judge from Sweden. Her father, Olle Nyman, was the man who took barbershop to Sweden in the early 70’s and got my eyes open for arranging, among many other things.

Notes from the North